Band Bio

Albus, Left-Eye, Jabbles, Egon, and Sanchez Oneeder are a five-man power trio family band with a uniquely mediocre Tejano surf blues sound.

We’re a modern rock band without the posturing, a punk rock band without the angst, a southern rock band without the mullets.

The Oneeders began harassing the villagers in 2006. John and Jordan were in charge of a fully-electric open mic that specialized in loud, raucous trainwrecks; Jason was a seasoned veteran of the local music community and in the process of opening a recording studio; and Tony was a songwriter looking for a band. In 2015, The Oneeders added Bret as a new bassist to add another level of extraneous merriment to the proceedings.

The Oneeders are also dabblers of the highest order, with various side projects over the years including: 
The Broken String BandAthens Tango Project | 
Skydog Gypsy | Joey Allcorn